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Mike offers male full body waxing treatments including the popular male back waxing, chest waxing and a range of male intimate waxing treatments (Hollywood waxing, Brazilian waxing and the classic back sac and crack wax).

I only use this excellent wax brand Perron Rigot for all my waxing treatments and this includes a range of post waxing aftercare products designed to maintain your waxing whilst helping to avoid ingrown hairs.

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I use Perron Rigot. This is the best wax brand on the market. I do this to offer you the best in client comfort and one of the best male waxing experiences. Perron Rigot's new generation waxes offer superior waxing treatments.


I offer two male waxing methods; strip waxing and non strip waxing. I also use Cristal Ocean a Perron Rigot hypoallergenic wax to ensure the most comfortable male waxing treatment for clients with sensitive skin types.


I use non strip waxing methods for the sensitive areas and all my male Brazilian waxing treatments including; nostrils, neck, brows, underarms, and also for all my male intimate waxing treatments.


Male  Brazilian waxing  should only be carried out using non strip wax (often known as hot wax) as other waxing methods can often be very uncomfortable in these sensitive areas. Some clients also prefer non strip wax for back waxing and chest waxing treatments. Strip waxing methods are used for areas like the legs, arms and back.


I offer a male full body waxing service, from the popular male back wax to the intimate male Brazilian waxing and everything in between.


As no two guys have the same amount of hair on areas like the back or the chest to be removed then I believe a range of treatment options offers the best value for money. So I offer a range of back waxing options so you can include as much or as little hair removal.


Clients will be required to complete a confidential consultation form on arrival, and your waxing treatment procedure will be explained in detail. At the end of the waxing treatment,I will offer advice on aftercare.


The most popular male body waxing treatments include: male chest waxing , male back,sac & crack waxing and male Brazilian waxing.


Mike has gained and enhanced his waxing skills through the personal tuition of the renown London Male Intimate Waxing expert -

Jack Dunn -

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