Massage Restrictions


Massage Restrictions


Usually my style of massage is a lighter massage. However if you have any concerns or any of the following conditions you must inform the Masseur.


Contagious or infectious skin conditions.

Areas of recent scar tissue, cuts or heavy bruising.

Recent operations ,fractures or sprains.

Varicose veins.

Muscular pain-medical advice should be sought as some conditions can appear to be muscular but are from other more serious causes, e.g. slipped disk, as could cause long term nerve damage.

Undiagnosed Lumps and bumps – these should be referred to a doctor.


These following conditions – medical approval must be sought.

Severe asthma.

Heart conditions.

High and low blood pressure.

Phlebitis or thrombosis.


Medication –Wafarin or Steroids.




Systemic medical conditions.


Please Note: massage-m2m, masseurs do not accept any liability by providing massage to clients who have any of the above conditions.



Payment may be made at the time of booking or at the appointment by Credit Card or Cash.


IMPORTANT: Should you find that you may arrive late for your appointment, Please Text/Telephone 07968 470484. Should you fail to show for your appointment and fail to notifiy the masseur that your unable to attend your appointment, you are liable for the payment of the booked treatment.

CAUTION: Nut Allergies

- I use sweet almond oil

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